Samba4 + OpenLDAP - problem

mmaciej mmaciej at
Wed Aug 5 13:24:30 MDT 2009

Motaz Diab wrote:
> I face your problem so if you find the solution, can you send me please?

I moved a bit forward.
The problem was with my openldap and berkeley
Finnaly i did:

add unsteble repo to my source.list
I downloaded debian source for openldap -> 2.4.17
I installed all dependence packets (berkeley 4.7.25-7) libdb4.7 libdb4.7-dev

I add followings to my openldap configure options:
--enable-dds (I didnt add this before when I compiled from source and I
think that was the problem)

I builded debian package and installed it:

After making provision-backend database type in my slapd.conf was hdb - i
didn't compile --enable-hdb so I changed to bdb.
Now everythinkg working well
I share the same home directory with samba4 and nfs4 and I can log in on the
same account  from windows Xp and Linux machines and use the same Desktop
etc - dont know yet if this is smart idea
I would like to use openldap for managing all accounts (linux using openldap
-samba backend and windows using samba4 ad)
I had to add posixAccount and posixGroup to my users to enable loging from
linux, is there any other work around?
Best regards

There is still this problem:
I solved this:
dn: cn=Test User,cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com
changetype: modify
add: uidNumber
uidNumber: the numbers samba4 using

add gidNumber, posixAccount and posixGroup to user or group

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