Fixing ntlm_auth server-1 method

Kai Blin kai at
Mon Aug 31 01:51:40 MDT 2009

On Monday 31 August 2009 01:21:43 Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> > What version of Samba are we talking about here, and what's the sequence
> > of commands that triggers the crash?
> This is Samba4.

Ah, I see.

> Kai:  What is the best auth module to use from ntlm_auth in Samba4?
> With your recent work, I see there is now "winbind_wbclient" alongside
> "winbind" (messaging based) and "winbind_samba3".
> Does winbind_wbclient work yet?  Any idea if winbind_samba3 still
> works?

winbind_wbclient should be working. There's still a few calls in the vfs code 
that still relies on being able to talk to winbind via messaging, but for the 
auth code, winbind_wbclient was working for me with a samba 3 winbindd. I was 
not able to get winbind_samba3 to work. And I have not tested either against 
the samba4 winbind server. IIRC bug 6652 is stopping wbcAuthenticateUserEx 
from working in challenge/response mode.

> What I'm getting at is that if we use one of "winbind_wbclient" or
> "winbind_samba3" we should avoid the need to set up the messaging (which
> is root-only).

Makes sense.


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