are SMB TID's specific to the SMB UID used in the tree connect call?

Jeff Layton jlayton at
Wed Aug 26 13:55:37 MDT 2009

I've been looking at what it will take to implement multisession mounts
in CIFS. Apologies if I'm not using the right terminology here...

I've run up against the following question however. CIFS currently
keeps a list of Tree Connect ID's (TID's) per SMB session. When I
cleaned up this code a while back, my assumption was that TID's should
only be used with the SMB UID that was used to perform the tree connect.

The existing MultiuserMount code in CIFS however violates this rule. It
makes CIFS replace the SMB UID in a call with another one, but the TID
stays the same.

It seems to work fine however. This leads me to believe that it's OK to
use a TID with a different UID. Is that the case?

If so, then will the TID continue to be valid even after the smb
session is torn down?

Jeff Layton <jlayton at>

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