[Release Plannning 3.4] Samba 3.4.1 on Friday?

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Mon Aug 24 03:59:56 MDT 2009

Hey folks,

what about Samba 3.4.1 on Friday, August 28?

The following major issues still exists:

-Bug 6099: Samba returns incurrate capabilities list
-Bug 6653: smbd (or samba in samba4) randomly uses 100% cpu (might be
	   caused a kernel bug concerning inotify)
-BUG 6642: Opening of Magic Quota file doesn't work anymore (patch
	   available, but not pushed)
-BUG 6529: Offline files conflict with Vista and Office 2003 (patch
	   available, waiting for review)

If you have anything else on your list, please contact me as soon as

So, would Friday be a possible release date?
Or do we need more time?

It would be nice to be able to publish a new release date...



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