default domain for winbind

Ondrej Valousek webserv at
Wed Aug 19 02:13:25 MDT 2009

In multi-domain environment, domain has to be specified when querying 
winbind. Example:

[root at dorado_v1 samba]# wbinfo -i "PRAGUE\ondrejv"
PRAGUE\ondrejv:*:14019:10000:Ondrej Valousek:/home/ondrejv:/bin/tcsh

.. this works OK, but this:

[root at dorado_v1 samba]# wbinfo -i ondrejv
Could not get info for user ondrejv

.. does not. My question - is it possible to define a default domain for 
winbind if none is specified? I would expect "workgroup" parameter in 
smb.conf could be used, but obviously it is not.


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