Change to buildfarm.

tridge at tridge at
Mon Aug 17 06:49:18 MDT 2009

Hi Rusty,

 > Status is "ok/ok/ok/ok".  But the report shows it actually blew chunks and
 > didn't run any tests...

yep, some recent changes to the build farm and makefile broke things
pretty badly. A patch I've just put in
(1b09e36f0bc1942a5156715db21aed1ad403800e) tries to recover some of
the errors, but I'm not sure it wll catch them all.

 > I'm not sure how much I should trust the build farm for cross-platform
 > testing?

we need to work on fixing these problems. See the above patch for a
start on this. If we still hit failures that report as passes, we'll
need to dig deeper.

Cheers, Tridge

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