Problem with SAMR pipe (ChangePassword() Python binding)

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at
Wed Aug 12 08:15:34 MDT 2009

Hello Samba4,

I am preparing a Python binding for the samr_ChangePassword() function. 
It took quite a while (usual reasons no know-how), but finally Andrew 
helped me out by taking a 'magic look' and refactoring py_net_join() in 

I copied the same approach to passing credentials along but then I 
bumped across another error:

python lib/ldb/tests/python/ <Windows_2003_AD_IP> 
test: test_samr (__main__.SamrTests)
baseDN: DC=zahari,DC=tk
['ChangePassword', 'Join', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__']
Unable to setup messaging listener for 
error: test_samr (__main__.SamrTests) [
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "lib/ldb/tests/python/", line 79, in test_samr
    newpassword="samba123@", level=1, credentials=creds)
RuntimeError: Connection to SAMR pipe of PDC of domain 'ZAHARI' failed: 
I am providing the patch that contains my current progress.



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