Rebuilding extended DN

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Sat Aug 8 00:53:58 MDT 2009

Hi andrew and jelmer,

I spent few hours yesterday on this script and it seems that it's 
working pretty good (I still need to run it on my real database but 
still on some tests it's OK).

You can run it more than once so it's ok to recreate extended dn that 
weren't created on provision.

It (re)create extended DN on the following attributes
"dMDLocation", "hasMasterNCs",  "msDS-hasMasterNCs",  "nCName", 
"serverReference", "member",  "objectCategory", "defaultObjectCategory"

It also tries with success to modify @MODULES so that it contains the 
required modules for extended DNs (but this behavior is optional)

To use it: --targetdir path_for_samba_install [--modifymodules]

path_for_samba_install is the parentdir that contains etc and private 
dir in a samba installation.

Let me know.
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