extended provision-backend

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Thu Aug 6 06:19:16 MDT 2009

Oliver Liebel wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
>> I've been thinking about it, and the
>> main thing I dislike is the way you try to detect another slapd process
>> using ps and grep.  Instead, how about trying a rootDSE search against
>> the ldapi socket?  
> what about a simple bind via python-ldap to the socket?

This would introduce another dependency on the python-ldap module. I guess
Andrew would prefer if you do that with Samba4 modules.

>> If it succeeds, then have the script fail with 'an
>> ldap server appears to already be listening on .../ldapi, please shut it
>> down before you continue'.

Maybe I missed something in the thread but I wonder what's the issue here. If
you explicitly invoke slapd with -h "ldapi://<Samba4path> [..]" the likelihood
that another server not related to Samba is running there is almost zero.

Just food for thought: If you'd like to check whether you're really accessing
the right OpenLDAP backend you could query a generated provision ID in the
rootDSE by slapd.conf directive 'rootDSE' which points to an arbitrary LDIF
file which you could generate.

Ciao, Michael.

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