extended provision-backend

Oliver Liebel oliver at itc.li
Thu Aug 6 03:11:27 MDT 2009

Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
> On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 12:31 +0200, Oliver Liebel wrote:
>> hi andrew,
>> here are the improvements to provision/provision-backend
>> and all necessary diffs:
>> (first apologize that i have attached "normal" diffs,
>> but i still did not had the time, to get closer into the git-stuff.
>> please push the changes to the master.)
>> andrews patches:
>> - all integrated
>> slapd/slaptest:
>> - slaptest-path is not needed any more (slapd -Ttest is used instead)
>> and is therefore removed.
>> - slapd-path must be given when openldap-backend is chosen. is also used
>> for olc-conversion (see above)
>> running slapd-daemon:
>> - system is pre-checked if another instance of slapd is running on
>> system before starting it
>> - if no other slapd is running, slapdcommand_prov starts slapd (ldapi
>> only) for final provision
>> - after startup is verified, if slapd is up an listening on s4's ldapi_uri
>> help:
>> - complete slapd-commandline (to start slapd manual after final
>> provision is done) is stored
>> under paths.ldapdir/slapd_command_file.txt  (depending on setup type, it
>> includes real
>> ldap://fqhn if olc and/or mmr was chosen, so slapd can be run after
>> provision
>> just with copy an paste that string, only port must be set manually)
>> - extended help messages to make things more clear
>> after final provision finished:
>> - first is checked, if slapd is still running, listening to s4s ldapi_uri
>> - then slapd (with pid from paths.ldapdir/slapd.pid) will be terminated
>> (proper termination is re-checked)
>> - stored slapd-commandline is displayed to show the right syntax to
>> start slapd manually (except port )
>> howto:
>> - added a little howto (file: howto-ol-backend-s4.txt), including
>> all ol-configure-options and setup-types (static/olc, standalone/mmr)
>> todo:
>> - full merge of provision and provision-backend, maybe in this way:
>> with ol-backend, you only have to run (final) provision.
>> slapd-path and other ol-specific-parameters has to be given.
>> "backend-"prov is run first internally if any ol-param is given (slapd
>> started auto),
>> then "final-"prov (fully transparent to the user), after that slapd is
>> terminated.
> Thank-you so much for this work.  I've been thinking about it, and the
> main thing I dislike is the way you try to detect another slapd process
> using ps and grep.  Instead, how about trying a rootDSE search against
> the ldapi socket?  If it succeeds, then have the script fail with 'an
> ldap server appears to already be listening on .../ldapi, please shut it
> down before you continue'.  
> I would really like to see the slapd process handled with the subprocess
> python module, but the best benefits of this (simply calling
> slapd.terminate() to kill the child) replies on the two parts being
> integrated.  
> Andrew Bartlett
yes, thats surely smarter and less "brute force" than ps/grep.
i try to change this asap.


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