Samba 4 - Alpha 8 / OpenLDAP missing schema attributes

Oliver Liebel oliver at
Wed Aug 5 15:17:19 MDT 2009

>>> but the posix-related attributes are still missing.
> Oliver,
> is this something you are working on to fix?
> The strange thing is the same schema is used when provisioning Samba 4 *without* OpenLDAP and it works
> perfect.  It is just when OpenLDAP is used and the scripts "auto populate" the backend, is when these *key* POSIX objects are left out.
> I do hope this is a "easy" fix because I am dead in the water doing further testing, without these objects, within my environment.. hint, hint =)
no, andrew bartlett is surely the right one to ask.

my work is focussed at the moment only on automating
most setup-steps when using ol as backend.

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