nested groups patch

tridge at tridge at
Mon Aug 3 23:37:37 MDT 2009

Hi Matthias and Andrew,

The patch 71b013f4deb79f66a28545dc3be910815b123f7c "s4: Patch to
implement nested group and privileges" causes all file operations to
fail with NT_STATUS_INVALID_SID. A simple 'dir' in smbclient shows the

The problem seems to be that the code in
authsam_expand_nested_groups() always puts the account_sid in the list
returned in res_sids[]. That function is called from
authsam_make_server_info() where it is used to fill in the groupSIDs

The result is that the first element of groupSIDs becomes the users
account SID. This ends up in the users token, as a one of the token

Then the code in nt_token_to_unix_security() fires at vfs_unixuid.c
line 220, which returns NT_STATUS_INVALID_SID.

I think you didn't notice this bug in your testing as the 'make test'
environment doesn't load the unixuid VFS module, as that module
requires root privileges in order to be able to change uid and the
test environment doesn't have root privileges.

Could you please revert the nested groups code, or fix it to not
include any user SIDs in the list of group SIDs? 

It is critical for patches that change the security token that they be
very well tested and reviewed before committing.

We should also see if we can find a way to include the unixuid module
in our testing. Perhaps we need fake versions of seteuid(), setegid()
and setgroups() for the test environment, similar to our socket
wrapper code?

Cheers, Tridge

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