[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated - release-4-0-0alpha8-337-g73e9693

boyang boyang at samba.org
Sun Aug 2 23:12:57 MDT 2009

boyang wrote:
> Hi, Jeremy:
>      I have finished the patch as your suggestion. Using poll-style
> method to do this, and it can work. I didn't add the user share
> directory to lp_file_list_changed, the reason is if only usershare was
> changed, call reload_services() with lp_file_list_changed() evaluated to
> false is expensive. It will reload all services, including printers,
> somehow slow.
>      Once the team decide to add reload_services() to child's main loop
> [smbd_serever_connection_loop_once()], we can call
> load_usershare_shares(true) within reload_services() to include
> usershare. load_usershare_shares(false) is the original
> load_usershare_shares(void).
>      I didn't do the registry part.  The message register part  is easy.
> I have to figure out  where  should we send  the message from.
> I am not familiar with that part. :-) need to browse the code.
>      Please review the patch in the attachment. If it is ok, I'll clean
> comments and log messages and then commit. Which won't bother you
> reverting it, again. :-) heihei
Hi, Jeremy:
     Is the patch functionally ok? If it is, I'll clean up the comments
and fix the code style, and then commit it.
     Thanks for reviewing it! ;-)
>      Thanks!

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