late introduction

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Apr 30 19:42:48 GMT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Андрей Григорьев wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Andrew Grigoriev from Russia. I am 20 years old student of
> Computer Science at Chelyabinsk State University. For Summer of Code
> I'll be working on the GTKLDB tool.
Welcome aboard!

I'll be co-mentoring you together with Andrew Bartlett (CC'ed). You can
always find us on IRC, or contact us by email. Where possible, please
keep the public Samba communication channels (#samba-technical,
samba-technical at in the loop; that way others are aware of
your work, and they can comment and help as well.

Looking forward to working with you this summer :-)

IRC nicks:
- Jelmer: jelmer
- Andrew Bartlett: abartlet

I'm also reachable on Jabber: jelmer at



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