[Samba 4] minor bug in configure script?

Torsten Kurbad samba-technical at tk-webart.de
Thu Apr 30 13:58:43 GMT 2009

Hi list,

today I created a Gentoo-ebuild for samba-4.0.0_alpha7 and discovered a
minor glitch during compilation/install:

If I do a

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc/samba && make && make install

I get a directory /etc/samba/samba, which doesn't seem to be used by
anything. This got me confused, since I changed --sysconfdir to /etc in
the ebuild, getting /etc/samba on install, where my smb.conf resides.
But afterwards, commands like smbclient, net, etc. didn't recognize that
smb.conf, instead they were expecting it in /etc, which corresponds
with my setting of --sysconfdir.

So, why is the .../samba subdirectory created? Do some tools rely on

Best regards
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