Samba 3.3.4 on AIX: coredump

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Thu Apr 30 11:03:24 GMT 2009

Hi guys

I just built 3.3.4 on AIX and whenever I access a share, I get a core dump.
Examining the coredump with dbx shows the following:

# dbx -d100 /tmp/samba/compile/sbin/smbd
Type 'help' for help.
warning: The core file is not a fullcore. Some info may
not be available.
[using memory image in core]
reading symbolic information ...

IOT/Abort trap in pthread_kill at 0x900000000549450
0x900000000549450 (pthread_kill+0xb0) e8410028          ld   r2,0x28(r1)
(dbx) where
pthread_kill(??, ??) at 0x900000000549450
_p_raise(??) at 0x900000000548cc8
raise.raise(??) at 0x90000000002ad0c
abort() at 0x900000000094144
dump_core(), line 242 in "fault.c"
smb_panic(why = warning: Unable to access address 0x11024f89c from core
(invalid char ptr (0x000000011024f89c))), line 1689 in "util.c"
fault_report(sig = 268435455), line 46 in "fault.c"
sys_acl_get_entry(acl_d = (nil), entry_id = 268435455, entry_p = 0x0000000000000010), line 55 in "sysacls.c"
vfswrap_sys_acl_get_entry(handle = 0x0fffffffffffe100, theacl = 0x000000011008b53c, entry_id = 268435455, entry_p = 0x0000000200000002), line 1104 in "vfs_default.c"

I really don't understand what is going on here. 
As you can see the address of "theacl" in vfswrap_sys_acl_get_entry is valid but "acl_d" in sys_acl_get_entry is a NULL pointer.
The function merely looks like:
static int vfswrap_sys_acl_get_entry(vfs_handle_struct *handle,  SMB_ACL_T theacl, int entry_id, SMB_ACL_ENTRY_T *entry_p)
        return sys_acl_get_entry(theacl, entry_id, entry_p);

Anyone an idea what is happening? Am I interpreting this wrong?

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