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tridge at wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
>> For what it's worth Solaris 8 - 10 has been the most problematic
>> system wrt to pthread bugs (in the Likewise codebase).  And in
>> those cases, new OS patches would resolve the issues.  I don't
>> remember any major pthread issues on Linux.
> Interesting. Do you use setreuid() or equivalent to change uid in a
> process that also uses threads?

Nope.  Access checks are in users space.  However, for
platforms that could give me a per thread setreuid(), I
would look at using that.  The threading issues we just
bugs in the Solaris implementation that caused random
hangs IIRC.  I could ask around for the solaris patch
numbers if you were interested.

I (or someone else here) will also probably look at
abstracting the threading call we make.  Mainly all we
need is shared memory, mutexes, and shared exclusive
locks.  Stuff that any proper threading library would
give you.  I don't think in the newer code that we exercised
thread cancellation much, but that is an issue in the dcerpc

Right now, lwiod would not be good for interacting with say
a kernel NFS server for example since it does not integrate
with unix permissions on disk. The self-relative security
descriptor is stored in the EA.  Once I can pass the smbtorture
ACL tests (meaning I have the internal security checks right),
then I'll start looking at integrating with POSIX acls
since the trade off should be well known (test results
would show the fidelity loss).

But I have considered exploring how much work it would be to
write an NFS driver for lwiod since someone suggested it last
week.  Just as an experiment (and for the experience of writing
and NFS driver).

cheers, jerry
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