SWAT Feature Details and Discussion

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Mon Apr 27 16:45:26 GMT 2009

Quoting simo (idra at samba.org):

> i18n == ability to handle input/output in multiple formats (for example
> using UTF-8 so that you can support multiple alphabets)

I would define i18n as something larger such as "prepare programs to
be able to work for different languages and/or different
countries". You way probably find better and more accurate definitions
of it by googling around of course.

i18n=internationalization, of course (or internationalisation for
those en_GB localised folks)


> l10n == translation of text interfaces and support of locales to change
> output depending on the locale settings

The latter part, imho, belongs to i18n..:-)...but all this is a matter
of definition anyway.

What is sure is indeed that i18n must happen before l10n and i18n is
more something for the applications developers and l10n the duty of

To be complete, one happens to also find "m17n" here and there, which
stands for "multilingualization" and describes methods and work aimed
at allowing the use of multiple languages (and scripts) inside the
same applications.

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