SWAT Feature Details and Discussion

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sun Apr 26 16:22:12 GMT 2009

Quoting Ricardo (rvelhote at gmail.com):

> We haven't discussed how to handle translations yet so where it's going  
> to be centralized or if we're going to use Pootle or another framework  
> for i18n is up for grabs. In any case, Pootle seems like a nice way to  
> do this.

...and it can even be hooked on a git repository so that translators
can either work directly in Pootle, or just use it to get and push the
PO files (most translators prefer working with offline tools such as
poedit, lokalize, gtranslator, etc.). When hooked on a git
repository/branch, Pootle can then "commit" files back.

> Regarding translations I can certainly help with Portuguese (pt-PT).

IIRC, in the translations that are lying in Bugzilla, there is
certainly a pt_PT translation as we have a fairly active l10n team for
(non Brazilian) Portuguese...and also a fairly active one for

so, things could then be coordinated with them (traduz at debianpt.org).

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