[PATCH] Fix pam_smbpass to no longer call openlog() and closelog()

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Apr 24 18:35:44 GMT 2009

That patch has been sent to Bugzilla in #4831, however nobody
apprently picked up on it, so I'm trying this way..:-)

The story of this fix is described in Debian bug #434372. 

The user indeed initially reported a segfault in su when trying to
become root and entering the wrong password.

Steve Langášek guided the user to a better PAM configuration but
managed to find that there is still a subtle bug somewhere in
pam_smbpass as both it su try to use syslog, and if pam_smbpass gets
called, it messes up the syslogging for the application, leading to
the segfault.

So Steve finally came up with the attached patch....which we
incorporated in Debian but never made its way upstream.

I highly recommend including Steve in any discussion about that patch,
which is why I take the liverty of CC'ing him here even though he's
subscribed to the list (I suspect he overreads it from time to

Including it in, say 3.4, would help in reducing the size of Debian
patches again, which is of course my ultimate goal....

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