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Wed Apr 22 19:31:07 GMT 2009

2009/4/20 James Peach <jorgar at>:
> 2009/4/20 Björn Jacke <bj at>:
>> Hi James,
>> On 2009-04-06 at 09:03 -0700 James Peach sent off:
>>> It's quite a lot of work to do this, and in general these patches are
>>> only interesting for Apple. If you have specific patches that you'd
>>> like let me know.
>> may I come back to your offer to bring specific patches upstream?
>> There are three non-trivial Darwin specific patches that I'm very interested
>> in:
>> - Darwin's NTFS ACL support
> I'm going to wait on this until after SnowLeopard ships so that I can
> give you the latest code. Sorry, no ETA on that.
>> - Stream support for Darwin
> This was already posted. It's in the archives.
>> - Creation time support for Darwin
> OK, I'll kick the process on this

Actually, this code is already available:


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