How to read 64-bit executable file version?

Andrey Kondakov andreykondakov at
Mon Apr 20 16:50:57 GMT 2009

Hi All,
I use samba 3.0.24 in order to check file versions on remote hosts using
smbclient and version built-in command.
Not long ago I started to notice that automatic scripts return errors and
the reason was that 64-bit native executables were inspected.
For example, iexplore.exe on 64-bit Vista.

Error that I got is "PE file [<executable>] wrong machine = 0x..."

I suggest 64-bit executables have different header structure and that's why
I am about to patch my samba, but can not find
useful information how to calculate appropriate header offsets and all that
is relevant.

Can somebody help and give guidelines?



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