Can I authenthicate Dovecot users inn samba4 LDAP

Theodor Chirana office at
Sat Apr 18 08:43:27 GMT 2009

Scott Lovenberg wrote:
>> I have a question: How Can I authenticate dovecot users in samba's4 
>> ldap????
> What I do with Samba 3 is use Dovecot -> PAM -> nsswitch -> winbind.
> This should still work for Samba 4 (/I would think, please correct me 
> if I'm wrong!/), and allows local or remote 
> authentication/authorization to any domain member server without the 
> need to reconfigure the chain.
Samba4AD has it's own LDAp server implementation and I cannot use PAM 
because I run Slackware and I prefer not to mess with Pam in slack. I 
could not figure how can I connect to tha LDAP server of Samba4AD.

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