is current samba4 how-to up-to-date?

Денис Никулин denisnikulin.spb at
Fri Apr 17 10:25:18 GMT 2009

I have one question about article -
the date is December 2004, so I wanna ask you if there are some updates in
this documentation?
I have installed samba4 alfa7 (and alfa8 git) - compiling/make/make install
- no errors. Joining XP into domain - success, but..
when I start dsa.msc (after setting it up) I get an error! sth like "You are
trying to connect win 2000 domain, not 2003, so use 2000 server tools" (I
can send you the whole text).
I set up win 2000 tools over my win xp, and win 2000 seporately, specially
for this test - unsuccessfull.

I am using Ubuntu 9.04 beta. also tried Ubuntu 8.10 - both - deb package
from repository and installing from source - same error.
Is it possible that it's all because I have russian version of xp (i don't
think so..)?
Thank you very much!

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