[Samba] [Release Planning 3.4] 3.4.0pre1 will be delayed

Remy Zandwijk remy.zandwijk at falw.vu.nl
Wed Apr 15 11:32:51 GMT 2009

Karolin Seeger wrote:
> Hey folks,
> the release of Samba 3.4.0pre1 will be delayed until April 30, 2009 due to
> the samr access check bugs and bug #6263 (Domain login problems in Windows
> XP without SP3).

So the bug Peter Rindfuss reported yesterday is acknowleged by this?

If so, it would be the third time in a row I plan to upgrade to the latest, so 
called stable, 3.2 release of Samba, but have to cancel it due to a 
show-stopper bug. Remember bug #6040.

I do appreciate the hard work of the Samba dev-team. But wouldn't it be wise 
to maintain only two versions of Samba: one stable release which is not being 
developed, but only gets bugs fixed and one development version which contain 
the latest and greatest new features?

Introducing new bugs like #6263 in a new 'historical' version (=3.2.10) really 
kills the willing of management to have Samba servers in production environments.


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