Provisioning problem

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Wed Apr 15 09:46:41 GMT 2009

Hi List,

I just made clean checkout and tested this issue, using samba.local domain for example and it worked just fine.


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FWIW, the TLÐs for "example" (com, net,etc.) are reserved for testing.  Your isp will drop packets destined for those domains if you misconfigure, so that's a safe namespace as well.  IIRC the "test" domain is also set aside.

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On Tuesday 14 April 2009 16:02:45 Zahari Zahariev wrote:

> Is now mandatory that your realm consists of three parts e.g.
> 'zahari.local' is bad but '' is good?

No, but as Michael said mDNS hogs the .local namespace. I personally avoid 
confusion by using .domain instead of .local for my local test domains.

Does that help?

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