[Samba] Update on bugzilla.samba.org

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 14:42:18 GMT 2009

jerry wrote:
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> Fyi...
> We can into some db connection issues last night (about
> 10pm GMT-5 I think).  This issue has been temporarily
> resolved, but I expect that we'll be taking the server
> offline for a short period sometime this week for further
> db maintenance.
> Also Deryck and I will be exploring some potential
> improvements to Samba's bugzilla service in the coming
> weeks.
> I'll try to keep everyone updated.
> cheers, jerry
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I figure this request dovetails the bugzilla maintenance, sorry if it 
seems like I'm thread hijacking.

Would it be possible to turn on the 'vote for bug' feature (or remove 
the reference to it all together)?  I wanted to flag a bug the other 
week and followed the bugzilla link to vote for it, only to find out it 
was disabled. 

Would enabling this be a productive use of resources?

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