OpenLDAP with Samba4

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Wed Apr 8 12:40:06 GMT 2009

> One Quick Question I have is as follow:
> I have being using Bind9 and the DHCP3 Server for quite some time now.
> In my own configuration I use OpenLDAP as a the back end for the DHCP server
> and for the Bind9
> It is working great, and give me a lot of flexibly in changing the DHCP
> scope, add new hosts to the Bind and even do DDNS for my leased hosts.
> While installing Samba4 with OpenLDAP Backend (version 2.4.15) , I add a new
> Database suffix, set the database indexes, permission and the schema file
> for this database.

Are you setting it up in slapd.conf but Samba configured cn=config
(config backend)?  There isn't any reason multiple databases/roots
shouldn't work.


We do much the same thing, using LDAP enabled BIND and DHCP.  We've just
poked at Samba 4 a little bit because how to get from "here" to "there"
is a real head scratcher.  [It is hard to imagine giving up DNS in LDAP,
it is just too handy.]

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