OpenLDAP with Samba4

Sassy Natan sassyn at
Wed Apr 8 12:09:30 GMT 2009

Dear Group

One Quick Question I have is as follow:

I have being using Bind9 and the DHCP3 Server for quite some time now.
In my own configuration I use OpenLDAP as a the back end for the DHCP server
and for the Bind9.

It is working great, and give me a lot of flexibly in changing the DHCP
scope, add new hosts to the Bind and even do DDNS for my leased hosts.

While installing Samba4 with OpenLDAP Backend (version 2.4.15) , I add a new
Database suffix, set the database indexes, permission and the schema file
for this database.


Now while starting the OpenLDAP and Samba4 I don't see this new Database
Suffix. I only see Samba4 Default Directories.
Even If I start OpenLDAP with -H ldap:// (Just for testing) I still don't
see this.

What Can I do in order to add this to my configuration?
I know I can convert the Bind or DHCP Schema to be part of the Schema.LDIF,
but this seems to me wrong, cause I will end up with non compatible Schema
I also know that the DHCP Classes and BIND classes are not supported in the
Full Microsoft Active Directory Schema that should come in the next alpha
version of Samba.

Anyone can recommend what to DO?

My Idea at the moment is to run additional LDAP server in a different port,
and to have bind9 and dhcpd to bind to it, but this is a little overhead.

what do u say?

Maybe we should consider add this support ad part of the samba4 solution?


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