smbd process block

Sam Liddicott sam at
Wed Apr 8 08:46:29 GMT 2009

* Goran Lowkrantz wrote, On 07/04/09 17:52:
> Hi Sam,
> I have tested accessing the directory with windows explorer but that
> too goes Not responding. I have touched both an old and a new file but
> that didn't change anything.
> here is the lsof of the unresponsive smbd:
>> lsof -p 71672
I'm not able to comment on the significance of the process being owned
by root, maybe one of the active samba3 devs can.

Sadly, I don't see clear evidence of what is wrong or what windows is
waiting for; all the requests seem responded to.

I'm sorry I couldn't get closer to the source of the problem.

As this is easily re-producible behaviour, I suggest you file a bug
report at


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