Samba patches

Björn JACKE bj at SerNet.DE
Mon Apr 6 14:22:31 GMT 2009

Hi James,

some days ago I found in some old bugzilla comments (#3495) that you
have creation time patches for Darwin that you want to merge. As the only
patches I saw so far were the birthtime patches for FreeBSD I searched for the
Darwin patches. I found There are
really quite a lot of patches in the Darwin Samba release tree and it looks
like a number of these patches should be merged upstream and some might need
some polish and then be merged upstream. As you are samba-team member and Apple
employee you might be the best one to do that. I think you are actually the
only one who can do that as there are corporate copyrights in there which need
to be replaced by personal ones. Some of the patched copyright headers even
look like they are at least not in the spirit of the GPL.  "Copyright (C)
2006-2007 Apple Inc. All right reserved." in trans2.c makes one feel like Apple
bought Samba ;-).

If you find or get the time to clean those things up and merge upstream that
would be great!


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