New async libwbclient

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Sun Apr 5 21:50:36 GMT 2009



I've uploaded my current async libwbclient iteration. It's
1849 lines replaced by 1890 new ones, and it's almost
midnight here. So I didn't directly push it yet.

The core checkin is af7876587c3. I've done this as a large
patch, you definitely don't want to see the whole history of
this :-)

The main difference to the current in-master library is a
better abstraction: We don't need the recv_helper anymore,
and we don't need to expose the innards of the async
libsmbclient engine anymore. Furthermore, it does a lot less
memcpy ops, it relies on writev_send.


I need to test the secondary trans things with signing, and
we need a writev style version of the client signing
routine. The current one makes a copy and signs that.

It's a ton of new code, and it has taken me two days to get
my stack of 60 patches with funny gd-style checkin messages
into something presentable, so eventually I want this in and
promise to support it :-)


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