Debian bug #522388: samba (and mount.cifs) copy/dirs permissions error

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Sun Apr 5 16:21:42 GMT 2009

Before I report this to Bugzilla, would anyone care to look at Debian
bug #522388:

In this bug report, one of our users reports that he cannot run "cp
-r" files from a local tree to a CIFS-mounted directory on another

The same action works when doing it from a Windows, Mac OSX client, or
even from konqueror...

This happens with samba 3.2.5 (Debian lenny).

I couldn't reproduce this with a 3.3.2 machine (mounting a directory
shared by the same machine).

In this bug report, the user sent a level 10 log of the failure, so
there's maybe room for investigation.

Before sending this to Bugzilla (as I can't reproduce it with 3.3.*,
I'm not keen for this), I'd like to know if this problem
looks familiar to some of you.

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