RFC: static / dynamic linking in samba3

Tim Prouty tprouty at samba.org
Thu Apr 2 16:56:17 GMT 2009

On Apr 2, 2009, at 1:58 AM, Michael Adam wrote:

> As a first step, I have cleaned the SMB_LIBRARY mechanism so that
> I could remove the @LIBFOO_STATIC@ stuff from the object
> collections. (branches master / v3-4-test)
> This was based on a patch found in the debian packaging code.

Michael, I like your plan.  My one request is that you do these  
improvements in master without backporting them to v3-4-test.  As was  
discussed in the "What should/shouldn't go into v3-4-test" samba- 
technical thread, I would classify your proposal as a large,  
potentially destabilizing change, which shouldn't go into a release  
branch.  To make 3.4 a solid release, v3-4-test should only have  
patches backported that fix bugs, and not patches that add new features.


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