Does Samba4 Alpha6 support IPV6?

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Could you tell me where to download the patch?   I hope the patch is
free and reliable







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Peixing Sun,

Samba 4 alpha 6 does not support IPv6. In order to get it working you
need to patch it.



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Sun_Peixing at wrote: 

Hi All:
I downloaded and installed Samba4 Alpha6 on my IPV6 compatible Linux
I tried to use smbclient to connect a share using IPV4 IP, it works.
I tried to use smbclient to connect another share using IPV6 IP, it
failed with BAD_NETWORK_NAME error.
I searched on Google for "Samba4" and IPV6,  I think Samba4 doesn't
support IPV6.
Could anybody confirm this for me?
Peixing Sun
root at rtptcs44026 kumar]# ./smbclient //
smb: \> quit
[root at rtptcs44026 kumar]# ./smbclient
Connection to \\2620:0:170:446:0:bad:beef:2\svr2sh1
<file:///\\2620:0:170:446:0:bad:beef:2\svr2sh1>  failed -

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