[PATCH] Set WBFLAG_PAM_CONTACT_TRUSTDOM in do_ccache_ntlm_auth() when krb5_auth is enabled

boyang boyang at suse.de
Thu Apr 2 13:25:46 GMT 2009

     When krb5_auth is enabled, PAM_AUTH is forwarded to trusted domain,
which cause the cached credentials being stored in the process of
trusted domain. When we do NTLM_CCACHE_AUTH, if
WBFLAG_PAM_CONTACT_TRUSTDOM is not set in request flags, the request
will be forwarded to primary domain, which causes NTLM_CCACHE_AUTH fail.
     I think we should check pam_winbind.conf to figure out whether we
should set WBFLAG_PAM_CONTACT_TRUSTDOM. patch is for master.
     Please review it.
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