[proposed patch] Samba 4 - Allow loading of other applications in web server

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Apr 2 10:22:09 GMT 2009


I understand that the plan is to provide a new SWAT (written in python). 
However in the mean time, the web_server service isn't very useful, because 
it can only load a module called "swat" and it doesn't get installed.

I'm interested in using the web_server service to support other things - 
especially static pages and an autodiscovery service for OpenChange (based on 
MS-OXDISCO and MS-OXDSCLI, not least because of all the cool variable names 
you can make up...).

To allow this, I'd like to make a change like the attached patch (only lightly 
tested). Thoughts?

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