tdb API issues

tridge at tridge at
Thu Apr 2 02:06:08 GMT 2009

Hi Howard,

 > I'd thought of that at first, but it seems that a separate context per thread 
 > would also multiply the address space consumed per DB, since they would each 
 > have their own complete mmap of the data. Doesn't sound too practical.

It would multiply the virtual address space used, but not the physical
memory used. Do you think thats really a problem? How many threads do
you have?

It might also be possible to have a common virtual address space. To
do that we'd break up the tdb_context structure into per-thread and
per-process parts, and put the mapped pointers in the per-process
part. It would require some thought to make sure this is safe, but at
first glance I think its doable.

Cheers, Tridge

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