VFS connection data cleanup with multiple modules

Constantine Vetoshev gepardcv at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 20:39:44 GMT 2008

I'm trying to use a stack of VFS modules, and I see strange behavior
with reclaiming connection-specific data at disconnect time.
Specifically, it seems that the function which releases
connection-specific data only runs for the first VFS module loaded.

Simplified example follows. Here's a snippet of the smb.conf which
loads the modules:

  path = /my/path
  vfs objects = vfs_object_1 vfs_object_2

I'm using release_data_X function pointers when I set the connection
data in connect callbacks as follows:

In vfs_object_1:
      handle, data, release_data_1, conn_data_1, return -1);

In vfs_object_2:
      handle, data, release_data_2, conn_data_2, return -1);

and so on, where release_data_1 is a pointer to a function which
releases the memory and resources in the conn_data_1 struct, and
release_data_2 releases memory and resources in the conn_data_2

When I disconnect from the share, I expect that release_data_1 and
release_data_2 both run, but logging shows that only release_data_1
runs. I can force release_data_2 to run by putting an explicit call to
it from a disconnect callback for vfs_object_2, but that doesn't seem

Am I missing something about how the release functions should work?

I'm currently using Samba 3.0.28a.

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