Samba and OpenVPN: where are file access delays coming from?

Jeroen1000 jeroen.balduyck at
Sun Sep 28 13:27:36 GMT 2008

David Collier-Brown-3 wrote:
>  Having it read the whole file on a right-click is unfamiliar, though.
> Any right-click, or only when you ask for properties?
>   I'd also look to see if it's reading the file sequentially, or if it
> reads the header and then zooms off to read somewhere else. 

David,  I mainly use cut/paste and properties. However, it takes much longer
with executable files than with let's say, large *.rar archives. It caught
my attention when you mentioned the icon associated with some of these
files. I'm even inclined to say this is the main cause of delays as I have
tested it with pictures which went fine. Displaying thumbnails was painfully
slow, though. 

The file set which I tested with were al application executables, some
compressed archives, but mainly just exe's. 

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> My suggestion, if you need to manage files over a WAN connection is to
> use WebDAV;  either via a WebDAV:CIFS proxy like WebDisk
> <> 

Hello Adam,

I had WebDav enabled however, my primary reason to switch to CIFS was the
ability to mount truecrypt containers locally (from the clients point of
view) without having to transfer the entire container to a temp folder.
Please remark this actually works. When I select a container via the
truecrypt software, it mounts in a matter of minutes. However, accessing the
files in the container causes the delays. WebDav transfers the entire
container  (to a temp folder) which takes ages. 

or [my
real recommendation] ditch the concept of the file server entirely and
move to a groupware or CMS solution like OpenGroupware or Alfresco.
These work much better over slow or high-latency VPN links than CIFS
does.  WebDAV between clients and servers that support compression is a

I will look into that (I'm unfamiliar with your suggestion) but I'm guessing
it's a bit over the top for what I'm trying to reach. For good
understanding, I just want to offer clients a transparant encryption method.
I chose to implement truecrypt client side, but perhaps I should go server

It pains me having a VPN and FTP over TLS and HTTPS and then leaven files on
a disk unencrypted>-(

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