Samba and OpenVPN: where are file access delays coming from?

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Sat Sep 27 18:45:55 GMT 2008

Jeroen1000 wrote:

> I took your advice and with result! Client is apparently downloading the
> entire file just to see the properties (in general this is being triggered
> with every right click action). Client software is Windows explorer. I tried
> 4 different file explorer software packages, but with the same result (not
> surprisinly as the are based on Windows explorer and probably use the same
> API).
> Outcome is one of 3 things:
> -This is normal Samba behavior (can test this when performing the same
> action in the local lan instead of through VPN)
> - my config is faulty
> - Most explorer software just sucks:-)

   Explorer indeed assumes all disks are either local or on a low-latency 
lan, so it can do such things as read the proper icon to use from the file.
This has been observed before with, for example, Hierarchical Storage Managers
or just non-local servers.

   This part is what I'd expect from a VPN.  

  Having it read the whole file on a right-click is unfamiliar, though.
Any right-click, or only when you ask for properties?
  I'd also look to see if it's reading the file sequentially, or if it
reads the header and then zooms off to read somewhere else. 

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