Samba and OpenVPN: where are file access delays coming from?

Jeroen1000 jeroen.balduyck at
Sat Sep 27 08:51:28 GMT 2008

Sam Liddicott wrote:
> You'l need to do a wireshark trace either on the client or the server and
> wee what the client is actually doing that takes so long.
> Sam

Hi Sam,

I took your advice and with result! Client is apparently downloading the
entire file just to see the properties (in general this is being triggered
with every right click action). Client software is Windows explorer. I tried
4 different file explorer software packages, but with the same result (not
surprisinly as the are based on Windows explorer and probably use the same

Outcome is one of 3 things:

-This is normal Samba behavior (can test this when performing the same
action in the local lan instead of through VPN)

- my config is faulty

- Most explorer software just sucks:-)

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