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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Sep 24 19:02:29 GMT 2008

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Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi Jerry, Jeremy,
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>>> Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>>> Michael, should these be back-ported to something
>>>> other than master (3.3 ?).
> Yeah, I guess that once they are thoroughly tested,
> they should go into v3-3-test.
> But I have only touched the ads and rpc backend so far.
> Have to look into the passdb backend. (Are there more to
> consider?)
>>> I think these changes are actually wrong.  I remember making
>>> a change to ensure that names were qualified coming back from this.
>>> I *hate* that crappy parameter.
> I *!?x\.% hate it, too. I also made a very quick vote of disabling
> it or turning it into a placebo parameter on #samba-technical.
> There was only one vote, +1, by me. ... :-)
> Then Volker threw in his usual (and valid) argument that we should
> not break existing setups, though.
> Well, when we have the parameter, we should also honour it!

I can consolidate the name aliasing and the "use default domain
support" so there is only name mangling code path.  I'll look at
this and see what I can do.

>> btw...Don't worry about the checkin.  I'll do some regression testing.
>> I might be over reacting :-)
> btw: you should see the several commits as a whole.

Thanks.  I'll work through this in a bit.

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