Named pipe write/read operation

Andrey Kondakov andreykondakov at
Sun Sep 21 13:10:43 GMT 2008


I have Win32 program that defines particular named pipe. All what I
wish is to send data chunk there and get answer.
The answer that I supposed to get is not encoded using RPC headers,
and that's why rpc_api_pipe function fails to parse response data
and build appropriate out_data structure.
I noticed rpc_api_pipe expects to get response that consists of
Verison Major, Minor and etc in order to init resulting prs_struct
But what should I do if the mentioned fields are not present in reply pdu?

To mine mind I need to use write/read functions that work with Write
AndX and Read AndX requests. I mean cli_write and cli_read functions.
But anyway they behavior supposedly differs from Win32 Write and
ReadFile requests. The latter generate only SMB header with subsequent
actual data chunk.
Is there in samba suit any technique that implements such desired behavior?

Thank you,


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