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Hi folks,

I generally try to keep this kind of stuff to a minimum
but since I have had some off list queries about it, this
is just an FYI....

I've gotten the source (tarballs and in git) posted for the
latest versions of Likewise Open.  Some of the code is so close
to upstream that it would not be that interesting (since it
is nothing new).  However, some of the code might peak your
interest.  Included in this drop is

  * Our DCE/RPC development and runtime environment (based
    on an old drop from Novell),
  * The name pipe client daemon used for ncacn_np access
    (which makes use of libsmbclient from 3.0)
  * The Lsass services (threaded Winbindd like service
    with additional local account storage)
  * Eventlog auditing service (using sqlite as the db
    storage backend)
  * The Lsass directory service client for OS X
  * Our work on libgss-ntlm for the MIT spnego provider

All the likewise code is either GPLv2+ or LGPLv2.1+.  The IDL files
are under the same broad license as used by Samba for our own IDL.
Code from other open source projects remains under the original
license we obtained it under.

The original announcement was sent to the project's mailing
list earlier today:

PS: I'll have some more of out devs at the SNIA conf next week
I believe if anyone wants to discuss how all the pieces fit
together.  Also it would be helpful for suggestion on what we
all could do to improve the community for all of us working in
this area.

cheers, jerry
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