schema.ldb excessive size in samba4?

Julien Kerihuel j.kerihuel at
Tue Sep 16 20:29:36 GMT 2008

Hi List,

I've been working on openchange server provisioning and have imported
the whole Exchange 2003 schema - classes and attributes (~ 850kb) +
added some missing classes from MS-ADSC - into Samba4 schema.ldb. It
gives the results below:

Step 1: Samba4 provisioning:
        #./setup/provision --domain=openchange --realm=openchange.local
        --adminpass=secretpass --server-role='domain controller'

At this point schema.ldb has 3866 records ans is ~ 10MB.

Step 2: OpenChange provisioning:

After a few minutes, schema.ldb has 11391 records and its size is ~

FYI, the "big" schema file in openchange is ~ 25700 lines of ldif. 

Does this schema.ldb size looks like a reasonable size we should expect
given the number of records or did I do something wrong?

The material used to reproduce this test is available into openchange

Samba4: 4.0.0alpha6-GIT-db2acaf

$ svn co openchange
$ cd openchange
# ./setup/openchange_provision


Julien Kerihuel
j.kerihuel at
OpenChange Project Manager

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