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Tue Sep 16 19:43:25 GMT 2008

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 12:04:34PM -0700, oden08 wrote:

> Hello, wondering if you all could help me with a problem that I have been
> searching for an answer to for a few days.

> I have a Samba V3.0.28a server running on the Ubuntu Server V8.04.1.  I can
> connect to the share I have setup with my Windows XP PC's as well as my
> Ubuntu desktop I have running.  I want to use this to host my ghost images
> though and so am trying to connect to it using a DOS bootable floppy and
> using "net use" to connect but getting the following:

> N:\net use x: \\ubuntusamba\ghostimages
> -->Type your user name, or press ENTER if it is <computer name>: <typed
> username>
> -->Type your password:<typed password>

> -->Password is invalid for \\UBUNTUSAMBA\GHOSTIMAGES.
> -->Type the password for \\UBUNTUSAMBA\GHOSTIMAGES: <typed password>

> -->Error 5: Access has been denied

> When using the same username and password on my normal XP & Ubuntu
> workstations I am able to login without problems.  I previously had an old
> Windows Server 2000 PC that I was sharing these using the DOS disk method
> but needed to replace so though I would take the opportunity.

> Can anyone shed some light on this for me as I am to the point of pulling
> out my hair.  Anything would be appreciated.  thanks.

As shipped in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Samba as a server will refuse to negotiate
LANMAN password encryption by default because it's *very* brute-forceable.
If you need to support old clients not capable of negotiating NTLM, you'll
need to set 'lanman auth = yes' in your smb.conf and run 'smbpasswd' again
to generate a lanman password hash for this user.

This change was made in Samba 3.0.28a for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS in anticipation of
the same change happening upstream in Samba 3.2, due to Ubuntu 8.04's status
as a Long Term Support release.

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