Common code into source/ or toplevel? (Re: Suggested "combined tree" conditions for success)

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Sep 15 07:25:53 GMT 2008

>>> Personally, I'm just waiting for the combined build system to hit so I
>>> can start converting over the utilities I'm working on.
>> you can already start, you just need to rebase
>> (or git format-patch && git am) when the final branch is ready...
> I'm waiting for being able to "make" in the root dir, but you're right. It 
> should be possible to move the first utils now. I'm not short on todo list 
> items, though, so I don't lose much by waiting for Jelmer's updated build 
> system patch.

As we now have the combined 'master' branch with source3/ and source4/
sub directories, we can think about where to move common code
and the build magic for a combined 'make'.

I'd propose to move them to source/, to that all 3 ways of building
code in the master branch have the same weight. I assume have the magic
of the combined build in the top level directory would give more weight
to the most experimental way of building samba.

Comments please!


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