idmap and samba4

Matthieu Patou mat at
Wed Sep 10 10:35:10 GMT 2008

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-09-10 at 00:35 +0400, Matthieu Patou wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> It seems to me that idmap is at least partial implemented in Samba4,
>> what is the exact status ?
>> I tried to get information with the samba4 version of wbinfo but it
>> fails because it looks for a pipe here : /tmp/.winbind (as defined with
>> WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR  in  nsswitch/winbind_struct_protocol.h).
>> After modifying this file and recompiling wbinfo so that it looks for
>> this pipe at /usr/local/samba/var/run/winbindd/pipe, I restarted wbinfo
>> and I saw that it tries to connect to the private socket located here :
>> /usr/local/samba/private/smbd.tmp/winbind_pipe/pipe
>> This is in function winbind_open_pipe_sock of nsswitch/wb_common.c.
>> Unfortunately the server create the private socket here :
>> /usr/local/samba/var/lib/winbindd_privileged/pipe
> Yeah - that's not good :-)
>> As the logic to define this path seems rather complicated I choosed to
>> make a hard link between the expected path of wbinfo and the real path.
> I've pushed a patch to fix this.  Now the correct path should be
> returned.
Yeah good thing now so more tricks with sockets are needed !

> What wbinfo commands were you testing?
So I rebuild all and when I start wbinfo -u
I got this messages :

Got winbind samba3 request 0
Got winbind samba3 request 45
Got winbind samba3 request 17
wbsrv_samba3_list_users called
wb_cmd_list_users_send called
added interface ip= nmask=
added interface ip= nmask=
added interface ip= nmask=
added interface ip= nmask=
sys_gethostbyname: Unknown host. TST

Where TST is the domain name and my realm is smb4.tst.

In fact it seems that my interface configuration is the core of the problem:
  interfaces      =
  bind interfaces only = yes

If I had the loopback then it works, but as I host on the same server a 
samba3 server (at least for wins purpose) I can not enable loopback for 


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