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thanks andrew

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On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 15:14 +0000, ogy_hpower wrote:
> Hi andrew;
> i would like to test the backend provision, recently i just don't understand how to built it from scretch;
> since i see the multiple dc can be performed at here.
> - if i'm installing the backend provision; should i start from scratch or i can just upgrade from existing alpha 5?
> - is it really can run replication inside the backend services?

Using the current GIT tree, the generated multi-master OpenLDAP
configuration will replicate Samba's data between multiple servers.

You will need to start from scratch with Samba4 from the GIT tree.

> - any site recommended for reference?

The documentation at applies,
but you also need to add this to the provision-backend command line:


Where these are the fully qualified domain names of the two servers you
wish to replicate between.  Watch carefully the example slapd command
line printed by this script - it will tell slapd to listen on port 9000,
critical for this to operate.

Run the provision-backend on both servers, and then adapt the final part
of the instructions in to

When you get this working, please update the wiki :-)

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett
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